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Woonkly is the first direct and decentralized connection token between brands and their audience, using 100% Open Source tools. The registration in woonkly is free for both content creators and users. Content creators can link their videos, images or posts from different platforms in a woonkly way for free to get more exposure or if they prefer they can pay their target audience using our “woonk” cryptocurrency to get thousands or even millions of views or interactions in a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds. Woonkly is born from the idea that sharing is the basis of success. Our philosophy is that everyone wins. Think about it. Internationally, the annual advertising investment exceeds 600 billion dollars. Imagine part of that money going directly to people who see that advertising. Would not it be more fair? More logical? That is Woonkly. The connection between the capital that companies or artists invest in advertising and the people who watch the videos of those companies or artists. We connect the capital of advertisers with their target audience


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Mr. Santos
Presidente & CEO
Matei Antohi
Jonathan Álvarez
Sara Santos
Shuberth chi Balam
Oscar Cardenas
Chief Blockchain Officer
Ghita El Kasri
Blockchain Financial Arquitect
Derek Jones
Financial Blockchain Manager
Ghali El Kasri
Blockchain Architect
Hassan Lahlou
Blockchain Mathematical Director
Kevin Quino
UX & UI Designer
Gustavo Rueda
Web Developer
Jacob Nuño
Multiplatform Develope
Ilich Arredondo
Frontend Developer